Get in the seasonal swing of things–it's the N-YHS Making History ROCK!
Seasonal Ornament Competition!

The Rules:

  • All ornaments must relate to the theme Making History ROCK.
  • Ornaments may be made with materials found within Historical Society premises located at 170 Central Park West ONLY.
  • Materials used in the construction of ornaments may not be considered vital to daily museum activities (i.e., visitor tags or cafĂ© supplies).
  • Ornaments may use a maximum of the following: five (5) paperclips, four (4) rubber bands, three (3) staples, two (2) mailing labels and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • Ornaments may measure no more that 8 inches in height and five inches in width and must be able to hang from a tree branch unaided by adhesives like tape or glue.
The Contest
  • All submissions are due by 12:00 PM on Wednesday, December 16th, and should be submitted to Liz Grant and/or Betsy Gibbons in the Education Department.
  • Submissions will be displayed anonymously during the N-YHS Holiday Party.
  • First Prize will be determined by highest number of votes received during the party.

The Prizes
Prizes will be announced at the holiday party. All you need to know is that they will be awesome and you want to win one.